Bravest Black Republican In America – Part One – Who Is Eddie Adams Jr.

Bravest Black Republican In America – Part One – Who Is Eddie Adams Jr.

This is a four part series on Eddie Adams Jr. Candidate for Congress in Florida District 14

The following was taken from the Eddie Adams website:

Adams is the embodiment of the “American Dream.” While Eddie’s family may not have been rich financially, they were rich with love, happiness, and a positive outlook on life. One of the first role models in Eddie’s life was his grandfather, Jack Howell, a Baptist preacher. Among his many talents, Jack Howell had a green thumb and a very simple view of life: remember what’s important, “God and Family.” He passed on this belief to Eddie, along with his green thumb.

As the oldest child, Eddie became the family’s surrogate father taking care of his siblings while his mother often worked two jobs to meet the financial needs of the family. With the help of his mother and grandmother, he learned cooking, cleaning, sewing, ironing and all the other household chores of a big family. At the age of ten, Eddie got his first paying job as a fruit picker on the weekends, but, Eddie’s pay didn’t go to buy candy, baseball cards, and comic books. His income helped his mother meet the financial needs of the family. Eddie also used the money to buy many of his own school clothes and school supplies.

From 1971 until 1976, Eddie was a student at the University of South Florida. He graduated as the first African-American to receive a degree in Microbiology. While at USF Eddie was a member of the Afro-American Gospel Choir, president of the Black Pan-Hellenic Council, president of Theta Gamma Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and president of the Black Student Union. He was a member of the USF Student Budget Finance Committee, the USF Student Government Activities Committee and the Minority Pre-Med Society. While a student, Eddie worked as a laboratory assistant for USF and for the Hillsborough County Health Department.

In 1995, Eddie graduated from the FAMU/USF Cooperative School of Architecture and Design with a Masters of Architecture Degree. Eddie’s heroes are people who have played a very important and influential role in his life. One of his biggest heroines has always been his mother, from whom he has received many of his personal beliefs and understandings of life, and strong work-ethic.

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