Rubio Draws First Blood

Rubio Draws First Blood

It didn’t take very long for the horse race between John Ellis Bush(the master) and Marco Rubio (the student) to get interesting.  The first Mason-Dixion poll has be released. In this poll of Florida Republicans Rubio leads the field, including Bush.  Rubio didn’t fare as well in the last Quinnipiac poll where Bush led Rubio by double digits. But this was before Rubio’s official announcement.

The Rubio camp is thrilled with this, the first data after their announcement. Rubio leads not only Bush but the field of declared Republican candidates.


Rubio     31%

Bush       30%

Undecided     17%

Cruz           8%

Paul            7%


Of course it is  very early on and much must take place before the Rubio, or any other campaign can roll into the Florida Primary. Early wins always provide a boost to any presidential campaign providing excitement and interest, which often times bring early money that gives the campaign the boost it needs.  This poll “victory” is an early pre primary win for Rubio and will serve to bring in an early infusion of cash.