The Emergence Of Black Conservatives

The Emergence Of Black Conservatives

Since 2007 there has been a movement to slow the tide of socialism in America. The Tea Party movement has been the prevailing brand that has sparked a revival of conservatism. But 6 years in the Obama presidency it is apparent that something is missing. The country seems more divided than ever. The rhetoric from the White House has nothing to bring people together despite the promises of unification from Obama in 2007. Unfortunately the main stream media is so sold out to the left and Obama, that it refused to acknowledge the appearance of the Black conservative in and throughout the Tea Party movement. Media continues to insist that the Black conservative is an anomaly on the political spectrum.

The fact is that the Black conservative is not a “unicorn” but has only been dormant on the political landscape. Black conservatives have been waiting for a vehicle that delivers their message. The Democrat party long ago deserted any place for conservative values leaving many Black conservatives with no vehicle for their political voice to be heard. Many of these conservatives have quietly voted Republican.

Now through the Tea Party movement Black conservatives are finding their political feet again and even branching out on their own. So many Black conservatives are heading back into their own communities with the message conservatism. C. L. Bryant’s amazing “Runaway Slave” designed to lead the urban community to truth. K. Carl Smith has brought Frederick Douglass back to the Urban community in a powerful way. Shirley Husar, in the conservative “killing fields” of Southern California, is making a difference through her heart-child, Urban Game Changers.

Almost every major urban community is seeing a resurgence of the Black conservative. Black youth are listening to the alternate message in these communities as they are tailored to be relevant to what is happening in the urban community. The Black conservative has a unique position, being able to see the the macro view of the nation ad well as the micro view of the urban neighborhood.

The Black conservative movement has been missing a financial infrastructure and that is starting to happen too. Black political action committees are starting to gain traction. Urban Game Changer, BlackPAC, and Black Conservatives Fund are three that come to mind. Black Conservatives Fund was able to make an impact in the 2014 midterm elections with what they call the “Louisiana Strategy.” This is a strategy of community infusion. They moved into the democrat strongholds in the urban cities of Louisiana and set up offices. They were able to meet face to face with local leaders and defeat Mary Landrieu.

This is the future for Black conservatives. It is doubtful the Republican party will be able to benefit from the expanding force of Black conservatives due to it’s short sightedness. The Black conservative movement is an “in the trenches” long-term movement, not suited for the election cycle to cycle consultant driven thinking of the GOP. It will be when Black conservatives control their own fiscal lives is when the GOP will look at Black conservatives as something other than a voting block or a photo-op.

  • George Farrell

    Mr Lawson, Thank you for recognizing Blakpac. We are committed to the voter education and electing conservative black candidates nationwide.. There are 39 states that do not have any elected Black Republican officials on the State or Federal level. This includes Florida. The RNC or the RSLC gives lip service only. Blakpac is laser focused on this issue alone. I ask your readers to visit our page, donate and like us on facebook. Together we win.

  • bearclaybornsaa

    There is no such thing as “Black” Conservatives; they’re AfriGen Conservatives. There is no such thing as “Black” History Month; it’s AfriGen History Month. Why do people continue to belittle themselves by being called a color? Why are African descendants the only people in America identified as a color? As a Political Psychiatrist I find it thoroughly fascinating how a group of people can be controlled by calling them the color black; this was thoroughly proven by blacks voting in 2008 & 2012 for the color black. Being a color makes it so easy to assign you to the lowest social class in the country, “blacks.” I’m so proud that Martin Luther King Jr. was not black, as most African descendants shouldn’t be. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was not black, he was an AfriGen In order for future African descendants to have any respect as a human in this country they must know how to direct their person to others. Please join me Dr BearClayborn Political Psychiatrist – in an effort to reestablish African descendants in America as humans instead of a color black. Please read “AfriGen Nation” and “American Genetics” In doing so you initiate an order to release the social stigma attached to great Americans who’s blood has built this country. Blacks don’t live here anymore, the real nation has risen; AfriGen Nation!

  • Betsy Ross

    Great new book by Dr. Camilla Johnson Moore on Black Conservatism: