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Over the past few weeks as we watch the push back from some Tea Party Republicans the interesting thing is the reaction of liberals. At first they ignored people like Rand Paul as he filibustered in the Senate. Liberals passed it off as a “stunt.” Senator Ted Cruz spoke for some 21 hours on the floor of the Senate and to the left it was more Tea Party ranting. But now things seem a little different. The partial government shutdown tied with House Republicans standing up to the President has the liberal in full out whine mode.

This ad from Organizing For America – formerly Organizing For Obama blames the the Tea party for shutting down the WWII memorial. (hat tip www.libertynews.com)

The facts are still the facts.  It is the White House that has decided to close the national parks, including the WWII memorial. The house, including tea party Republicans have passed bill after bill to fund the government that the White House rejected.  It was the White House that called for the shutdown of the Amber – Alert website.  It is still the White House that has closed numerous federal websites.  The exception is www.healthcare.gov.  It seems that if there are no people to “manage” other sites because of a government shutdown then this site should be shut down as well.

What we are seeing now in the liberal media and on liberal blogs is a surprised liberal.  The surprise is that there are Republicans and Conservatives that are standing up to them.  Conservatives seem to over the horror of being called a racist and are standing on principle.  Some Republicans that have figured out that it is important not to continue to let the left define them are speaking out.  Republicans face the same thing the some Christians face, being defined by people that are your opposition.  It is always the atheist that “knows” how a Christian should behave.  It also seems to be the liberal Democrat that “knows” what a “good” Republican is.

We have no idea when and how this current battle will end but, we have learned something from it.  What we have learned is that we can and must stand up to the liberal media.  We have learned that we can and must stand up to liberal Democrats in government. We have learned that we can and must risk it all to save it all.  Godspeed to you today, and God Bless America

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Willie Lawson is the host of the Willie Lawson Show on Blogtalkradio. www.spacebarproduction.com. Willie is a much sought after speaker in the Tea Party movement and is President of Urban Game Changers TampaBay.

  • P. Ballard

    Right on !! I remember when the Liberals stood up against Bush and they were being praised as patriotic. Now, if anyone stands up against Obama, it’s racist. Conservatives and Christians should just accept they are going to be bullied and called names by the ‘tolerant’ liberal/ victim.

    • CVASN

      Well, Ballard, you have what I’d call a memory of convenience. Seven, eight years aog anyone that dared question the President was roundly roasted as being unpatriotic, a terrorist sympathizer or treasonous. Faux News, Bill O’reily, Mchelle Malkin, Ann Coulter and the rest of the right-wing pundits would get appoplectic and the mere hint of criticism of Bush. Any remark that questioned his judgment was met with vicious person attatcks. .


    What a bunch of dellusional blabbering. With malice aforthought, and with full knowledge that their Bill would not go anywhere in teh Senate, nor wiuld it be accepted by the White House, the House brought it forward anyhow. It was thier Bill, and they knew it was DOA and sitll they came forward with it. To claim that this is somehow Obama’s fault is just blame passing, nothing else. The House did this, it’s their fault, period…..

  • smfasto

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