The residents of Florida, along with the rest of America are waking up this morning to the harsh reality of the “not-so” Affordable Care Act.  Here are a few lies that were sold to Floridians.

The litany of exaggerations and downright lies have fallen like a house of cards in recent months. The administration has scrambled putting together state healthcare exchanges. They have been accused of strong-arming insurance companies to participate.  In the past week however, Florida Insurance Commissioner, Kevin McCarty presented some sobering truth.  Healthcare costs for an average plan will increase as much as 40%. The real impact is not know but, but if this government program runs true to form, we can expect much worse.

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    We have 30 days. Read this and feel free to copy the text and send it to your representative – they are the only ones that can stop obamacare and it seems we will have to push them to do the right thing. Article here: http://4thestatemedia.com/?p=331

  • playnice

    Besides costs going through the ceiling, doctors (those good ones, knowledgable, result getters) will be exiting the profession and there will be a doctor shortage.


    Our Legislature has done its best to ensure that the laws are manipulated to ensure as bad a scenario as they can conjure. The Insurance Commissioner has been prohibited from negotiating with insurance companies for two years, effectively denying his office its mandate. Conservatives are supposed to be champions of States Righrts. Instead of embracing that principle and working to set up insurance exchanges, they punted, and relinquished their States Rights to the Feds. Then, or course, there’s that ittle bit about refusing billions of Medicare dollars that the Feds guaranteed for three years. Yup, it’ll be a disaster all right, especially if they have anything to do with it.

  • P. Ballard

    The price of health insurance is going up, quickly. And right on queue, most of the low info voters I know are blaming the greedy corporation, not the new rules from Obamacare.— BTW, if Obamacare is so good, why is he, congress, the Supreme Court, some unions, exempt?